a novel by David Shetzline
217 pages, paperback, $9.95

“An extraordinary book, quickened by honest rage, written with sustained grace, comic and impassioned, and always deeply moving.”—Thomas Pynchon

DeFord is an aging carpenter and outdoorsman from the West coast who is felled by a heart attack while on a visit to New York, and finds himself trying to survive in the urban wilderness of the Bowery. He recalls the freight-train-hopping, lumberjacking, campfire days of an earlier American era, while learning how to stay alive in a very different present.

David Shetzline was part of the brilliant circle at Cornell University in the early 1960s which also included Thomas Pynchon and Richard Fariña. DeFord, his first novel, was published to great acclaim in 1968, but fell into obscurity after Shetzline abandoned fiction in the 1970s to raise his family. Verse Chorus Press is proud to bring this lost classic to the attention of a new audience.