so it seems right to us to use super text-heavy mode (against every web designer’s advice) to tell you about them. Rising from the ashes of indie-rock magazine Puncture, Verse Chorus Press has now published close to 30 books, starting with Camden Joy’s now cult-classic novel The Last Rock Star Book, or: Liz Phair, a Rant, through to two books by cultural critic Luc Sante, published in collaboration with the excellent art-music-lit zine YETI. Some of our recent titles:

John Andrew Fredrick's LA indie-rock novel The King of Good Intentions; Stephen Beachy's twin novellas, Some Phantom/No Time Flat and Temperature's Rising: an oral and visual history of Galaxie 500 (a YETI book)

Gilbert Rogin's two magnificent novels, What Happens Next? and Preparations for the Ascent -- elegant, witty, and quintessentially New York -- were hailed when they were published in the early 1970s and then fell out of print for two decades. Yet they seem astonishingly fresh to 21st-century eyes. Contemporary readers will find in Rogin an antic genius in the manner of Larry David, and a literary stylist who “writes with the humor and sensitivity of the best work of Saul Bellow” (Newsweek).

Jon Langford’s second collection of paintings, writing, and music, Skull Orchard Revisited, includes a reworked and expanded version of his long-unavailable solo debut album, plus illustrated lyrics (“song paintings”), a witty, dystopian tale about a whale and a dolphin, and more paintings. There's also a limited edition with a signed print.

Wild About You! The Sixties Beat Explosion in Australia and New Zealand. The outpouring of rock’n’roll in '60s Australia and New Zealand produced such iconic bands as the Easybeats, the Masters Apprentices, and the Missing Links, but also many lesser-known bands who created music of enduring power. Profusely illustrated and with a detailed discography, this is the definitive account of a unique time in rock history.

Check out our complete catalog, which includes biographies of AC/DC legend Bon Scott, The Church, and The Go-Betweens, novels by Stacey Levine, Susan Compo, and John Dixon, and a wickedly funny and smart cartoon history of rock. Also: an expanded edition of Inner City Sound, the legendary, photo-packed history of Australian punk and post-punk.

We’re also proud to offer you DeFord, by David Shetzline -- a modern fiction classic. Shetzline was part of a Cornell circle that included Richard Fariña and Thomas Pynchon, who called DeFord "an extraordinary book . . . comic; and impassioned; and always deeply moving."

New from our new crime fiction imprint, Dark Passage Books this spring: a rediscovered gem from 1948, June Wright's Murder in the Telephone Exchange, and an instant noir classic from Arthur Nersesian, Gladyss of the Hunt. For full details, click here

Forthcoming from Verse Chorus Press: David Nichols's history of Australian rock and pop music 1960-85, Dig!; Clinton Walker's Buried Country: The Story of Aboriginal Country Music (revised and expanded edition - read sample chapter here), and the Puncture anthology, Now Is the Time to Invent. And from Dark Passage: Peter Doyle's long-awaited new crime novel, The Big Whatever, featuring the further adventures of Billy Glasheen; and Two More Shots, with further hardboiled action from G.S. Manson's Brisbane P.I., Jack Munro.

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