existentialism – mekons

paperback with CD

In July 2015, the fabled mekons recorded an album of new songs, existentialism, at the Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with the help of 75 "mekoristers". The recording took place in real time using a single microphone, in accordance with the notion that a record need not take more time to record than it does to listen to. Rather than release the album with the usual packaging, the band decided to put together a book of writing and art that responded to each of the 12 tracks. Contributors included mekons past and present, but also artist pals such as Jock McFadyen, Jo Claewaert, Martin Billheimer, and Helen Tsatsos, and writer friends including Megan Abbott, Johnny Dowd, Jeffrey St. Clair, John Williams, Emma Bolland, and Wendy Frith.

TRACK LISTING:  Flowers of Evil, Part 2 / Skintrade / O Money / Bucket / Fear and Beer / Onion / Traveling Alone / Nude Hamlet / 1848 Now! / Simone on the Beach / The Cell / Remember / Flowers of Evil, Part 1 (bonus track and video)

And here's a video for one of the tracks, "Fear and Beer."