PETER DOYLE – The Devil's Jump

paperback and ebook

August 1945: the Japanese have surrendered and there’s dancing in the streets of Sydney. But Billy Glasheen has little time to celebrate; his black marketeer boss has disappeared, leaving Billy high and dry. Soon he’s on the run from the criminals and the cops, not to mention a shady private army. They all think he has the thing they want, and they’ll kill to get hold of it. Unfortunately for Billy, he doesn’t know what it is . . . but he’d better find it fast.

Set in Australia in the years following World War II, Peter Doyle’s novels brilliantly explore the criminal underworld, political corruption, and the postwar explosion of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.

“Think of a hopped-up James M. Cain.”—Kirkus Reviews

“If Elmore Leonard came from down under, his name would be Peter Doyle.” — Kinky Friedman

 “Besides his deft dialogue and endearing anecdotal style, there’s a finger-poppin’’ riff running through Doyle’s work which keeps the story jumping.” —GQ Australia

“Peter Doyle does for Sydney what Carl Hiaasen does for Miami.”—Shane Maloney